Car Scrapping

Making the decision to scrap your car is not always an easy decision. Many times when you are in the process of getting rid of your vehicle, you wonder to yourself whether it would be wisest to sell the car, scrap the car, or give it away.

In Britain, an average of six to seven million cars are sold each year, and of those cars sold, two million are scrapped each year. There are strict rules on how a car can actually be disposed of due to environmental issues in London and other surrounding parts of the world. Due to metal theft, it has actually had an impact of trying to make it illegal to scrap a car for cash.

In the old days, it was rather complicated to find a place to scrap your car. However, in today’s time, this can easily be searched using Google. All you have to do is type in “scrap my car” or “scrap car for cash”, and many companies will be displayed that are willing to collect your car and pay you for it. Knowing which sites are safe to use is the challenging part of this process. You don’t want to do business with a sketchy company and be taken advantage of. To get a rough idea of what a fair price to scrap your car would be, you should call many different dealers to see what they offer. All car scrapyards are required to have an issued license from the Environment Agency to make sure that the cars they are collecting are not going to cause potential harm to the environment. When you are looking to scrap a car, you should be allowed to enter your car registration, which will result in you being given quotes on how much each company is willing to pay you for your car. The cash you are paid will obviously be less if you desire for the company to come to your house and pick up the car rather than taking it to the place of business yourself.

Before you scrap your car, you should determine which parts of the car run and which parts have become worthless. The parts of the car that still work can be resold to other car owners, which will allow you to make the best profit from your old car. Since the working parts of the car will no longer be part of the car, the car needs to be scrapped because it is no longer a car in it’s entirety anymore.

If you are offered cash for scrapping your car, you should realize that the dealer is sketchy. An act called the Metal Dealers Act was introduced due to metal theft. This act makes it illegal for anyone to grant someone cash for scrapping their car. The legit dealers will offer to give you a check or make a payment that goes directly into your bank account.

Scrapping a car is a great decision to make if you have a car that is no longer in good condition or no longer works and is just parked in the driveway taking up space. While you can receive payment for your scrapping your car, know that you cannot scrap a car for cash because it is illegal. Scrapping a car that no longer works is a great decision to make extra money.